2009 Truss Climber Competiton

The following is a list of all groups and images of each device. You can click each image to see an enlarged version of that picture. When you click the YouTube logo, you will see a brief video clip of this device.
  • The images on the left are from the project reports.
  • The photos on the right were taken by Chris Gattoni.
  • The YouTube videos were taken by John Vermeulen.

Group 1 (Team Explosivo!!)
Gary Marsacola
Chris Hargett
Brian Bruntz
Ted Ehrlich

Group 2 (The Truss Climber)
Abby Wilbourn
Kyle Sullivan
Alex Cresci

Group 3 (Truss Climber 1)
Peter Konicek
Eric Mear
John Phelps

Group 4 (Truss Climber)
Tom Thompson
Matteau Burnell
Jeff Penoyer
Owen Yamanaka

Group 5 (Wooden Avenger)
Nathan Reynoso
Vincent Vong
Ryan Farah
John Campbell

Group 6 (Truss Climber 4000)
Erin bickley
Kevin Cooper
Hannah Hudson
Travis Reynolds

Group 7 (American Dream Machine)
Brian Bybee
Ben Gindl
Greg Yoder

Group 8 (Climber 1.0)
John Gattoni
Brandon Asher
Omar Syed
Dieter Schuldt

Group 9 (Isentropic Thunder)
Garrett Metz
Sean Lukassen
Tom Scaffidi
Kaity Spink

Group 10 (9 Volt Caterpillar)
Amaechi Nwankwo
Devin Dyke
Nathan Jones
Nathan Woodworth

Group 11 (The Lego Climber)
Cameron Allen
Kaleb McKey
Micheal Seipp

Group 12 (The Little Engine That Could)
John Sterling
Derek Carroll
Derek Williams

Group 13 (Truss Climber)
Davis Hemenway
Brian Herring
Caylee Johnson
Jenny Lee

Group 14 (American Glory)
Isaiah Franka
Bruce Mayberry
Jordan Rath
Matthew Wenger

Group 15 (Truss Climber)
Graham Anderson
Mark Goudreault
Neill Kapron
Ryan Peters

Group 16 (The Tank)
Jacob Hosler
Andrew Nagle
Rachel Schur
Ryne Waggoner

Group 17 (Freedom Rider)
Breg Broughton
Ramsey Hayes
Matt Boley
Eric Dischinger

Group 18 (The Bulldozer)
Stephen Clark
Matt Kaplan
Allison Martz
Matt Ramer

Group 19 (En Fuego)
Mohammed Al-Sowaidi
Richie Tedesco
Colton Wiseman
Emily Stege

Group 20 (The Truss Climber)
Ryan Yourshin
Eric Rasbach
Justin Denard
Hamad Albehaijan
Abdulaziz Almoosa

Group 21 (Flag Placing Roof Truss)
Russ Miskulin
Christan Knapp
Josh Urbach

Group 22 (Truss Climber)
Chris Dan
Noel Marshall
Casey O'Farrell
Becca Beegles