Videos of 2009 CSU Truss Climber Competition

This shows the scheduling process, the truss, device testing, and repairs and maintenance between rounds.

Team 16 built a device that was "slow and steady". It made it to the top every time, but had trouble planting the flag. Team 17 had a device that had trouble staying on the truss as it went up.

Team 2 had a low profile device. It was slightly faster than the truss climber from Team 1 (Explosivo) when the two competed.

Team 9 built a device that was fast, but had a high center of gravity. Their truss climber fell off when it reached the obstacle. Team 8 reached the top easily in this round.

Team 14's device was fast up the truss, but failed to plant the flag. Team 16's truss climber was "slow and steady", but also failed to plant its flag in this round.

Team 5's device had lights in the back. When they ran against Team 1 (Explosivo), their device had trouble starting and ran off the truss very early. Explosivo's truss climber reached the top with little problem.

Team 18's device was very fast and Team 14's device was a bit slower when the two competed against each other.

Team 1 (Explosivo) did well when they competed against Team 21.

Team 6 had a device that was reliable and consistently planted the flag. Their device appeared to be just stable enough not to fall of the truss. In this round, team 16 had another "slow and steady" performance.

Team 4 built a device powered by a rubber band (more technically surgical tubing). Their device was fast, but fell off partway up the truss each round. In this round, Team 9's device made it to the top and then kept going down the other side without planting the flag.

Team 6's device was slightly faster than Team 2's device when they competed in one of the later rounds.

Team 14 and Team 18 competed against each other a second time in the second to the last round. This time, Team 14 won when Team 18's device failed to take off.

In the final round, Team 8's device (which was undefeated) prevailed against Team 14.

Many thanks to John Vermeulen for taking and editing these videos.